Our leading scientific minds attending to pandemics and Covid-19 in particular have made it clear that we are at risk from those unwilling to take COVID, vaccines. Those who don’t take vaccines become inviting hosts for potential mutations of the virus. One of those mutations could launch a strain that renders our current vaccines ineffective. This could not only cause untold numbers of death directly but would further cripple our economy which could lead to further indirect deaths.


Some might wax romantically about those not taking the vaccine suggesting that “well, they are rugged individualists” or “rebels at heart.” Every domestic terrorist fits that description. Yes, I am equating the word “terrorist” to those who will not take the vaccine. Collectively, anti-vaxxers present a loaded gun to the head of our species. My freedom and liberty are threatened by those who willingly play host to COVID . Those who refuse to take the vaccine threaten our economy, jobs and health. They rob all of us who pay for health insurance by flagrantly inviting a huge cost likely to be paid by those of us who buy insurance or otherwise purchase healthcare. And, it is easier for Sanford and Blue Cross to pass those expenses on to us rather than defend us from subscribers who refuse to take the most basic no-cost precaution – the vaccine.

I would think a responsible Insurance Commissioner would or should step in to defend rate-payers from the predictable high costs of anti-vaxxers by clearly stating that insurance companies are authorized and advised to drop policies on all those who, by June 1st, are not vaccinated (unless a signed statement from a medical doctor waives the requirement as a clear health threat).

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I would hope that a responsible governor would issue or certify third-party vaccine passports as proof of vaccines having been received. Businesses, who seriously want to stay open, protect their employees and thrive, could rely on this proof when requiring that all patrons have been vaccinated.

I would also think that the city of Fargo should liberate us from those who would willingly play host to COV by requiring all who do not have proof of vaccination (or who do not possess proof of medical waiver) remain quarantined at home. They can enjoy the freedom of staying home without threatening the health and economics of those who have taken proactive steps to stop this pandemic.

I fear government, even when run by physicians, that is too cowed, too weak, to defend us, the species from those who falsely fly a banner of liberty and freedom while acting as bio-terrorists.

Joe Richardson lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.