In response to the story "Hundreds march in opposition to alleged 'White Lives Matter' rally in Fargo" published April 12: I was present at the peaceful rally, which was intended to be sure that any white supremacists who staged a demonstration (which didn't happen) would know that they are not welcome in Fargo. There was nothing even approaching a "riot."

While standing in front of City Hall, I had an idea I would like to share with Mayor Tim Mahoney. Since the marches are only on weekends, City Hall is closed. I think it would be a friendly gesture for the mayor to take a few minutes from his weekend to appear at City Hall and chat with the marchers.

This would demonstrate that the city government does not consider itself to be in an adversarial relationship with its citizens. I commend the Fargo Police Department for showing that attitude on Sunday, when they were present only to make sure we were safe on the streets while marching.

Kim Baird, formerly Fargo, lives in Moorhead.

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