The Opinion page of Saturday’s Forum included several articles commenting on North Dakota legislation currently being considered. Once again, the primary question comes down to whether “we the people” will protect already living defenseless human lives during their first nine months of life, while still growing in the sanctuary of their mother’s womb.

The proposed legislation would further clarify laws that North Dakotans have already passed prohibiting state agencies from working with organizations that provide or promote abortion. Planned Parenthood, though it has organized itself so that it has been technically able to get around the current law, is however also the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Jane Sinner shared that she mailed a check to Planned Parenthood ND. She stated: “Women’s rights are human rights,” and women are capable of making decisions about their “own bodies.” But how many times do we need to be reminded that the unborn babies of these women are also human beings, and that they have their own separate “bodies” from the moment of conception? Even those who don’t accept human life as being created in the image of God know that this is a scientifically undisputed fact.

The Forum's editorial board also published an editorial warning our ND legislators that they would be doing serious damage to academic freedom and research if the proposed law is passed; as though this makes up for partnering with an organization that intentionally ends the lives of about 350,000 innocent unborn humans each year - and even gets millions of our tax dollars to do so.


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Thankfully, a third letter from Christopher Dodson (“Cries of academic freedom ring hollow”) put the controversy in its proper perspective by accurately pointing out that no one contends that “academic freedom” means absolutely no restrictions whatsoever can exist with whom a university can officially partner. Dodson listed several examples of organizations that universities would certainly never partner with. Abortion providers and promoters need to be included among these. If you have not yet read Dodson’s complete letter, I urge you to do so.

It is way past time for all North Dakotans and Americans to end the holocaust of killing our own children; but that we rather love and protect both the lives of the mothers, and of their living, though not-yet-born children!

Ken Koehler lives in West Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.