As a North Dakota college student, I have been able to pursue my education and expand my career goals at North Dakota State University. However, that freedom is now at risk. Lawmakers are trying to limit the educational options that I have at a public university. If SB 2030 passes as is, I will not be able to study and research content that fits with my career goals. The academic opportunities offered to me at NDSU were part of my decision to attend a public college in North Dakota. Now I feel that those opportunities are being stripped away from students.


The personal ideology of lawmakers does not belong in academics. It should not impact what I can and cannot study, internship opportunities, or what type of research occurs on campus. I value freedom, education and personal autonomy in academia. I also value my fellow North Dakotans. Their freedom is at stake. I don’t want North Dakota to have a bad name because of an unnecessary amendment on a piece of legislation.

Rosario is a North Dakota State University student and Planned Parenthood North Central States intern.

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