We are two months into President Biden’s medically-based COVID response. Vaccines have ramped up dramatically. COVID variant pressures are lessening. Schools and businesses have opened. Yet, this notably effective pandemic response is still encountering the past administration failures. The Northwest Angle’s resorts still aren’t open for business. Make no mistake, the residents have always been allowed to travel through Canada for necessities. Tourists, their economic life blood, are still forbidden.

Canada chose a textbook pandemic response. The result is a COVID infection and fatality rate one-third that of the United States. Canada was open for business while President Trump was touting bleach and Hydroxycloroquine as a cure. Canada wants to stay open rather than admit Americans, many loathe to accept basic pandemic measures.

In Minnesota, Governor Walz similarly has led Minnesota to an infection/fatality rate 40% lower than the neighboring Dakotas and Iowa. These states relied on Trump’s botched response. Businesses in all states suffered, because of the pandemic initially, and because of a botched Trump response subsequently.

If Minnesota had the unity of Canada in its COVID response, perhaps we could have been open for business like Canada and Europe were last summer. And, perhaps the NW Angle would be open for business now. Walz’s medically-based response is gratifying. Republican’s propagandistic disinformation cost lives and damaged businesses far beyond the costs of an effective pandemic response. Look no further than Canada. Let’s hope the war against this now vaccine preventable disease prevails over the COVID variant surges and misinformation.

Greg Boole lives in Campbell, Minn.

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