Why are thousands and thousands of people fleeing their homes and creating a huge immigration problem for the U.S. and European nations? Records show that the vast majority of these people are fleeing primarily because of the fear of violence such as war (civil war-tribal war-gang war- etc), persecution and hunger.

What can be done about these root causes of the immigration problem?

World Beyond War reports that global spending on war and the preparation for war is about $2 trillion dollars. Half of this total is spent by the U.S. By diverting just 4% of our military spending we could provide food and clean water for everyone in need. Then the U.S. would become the greatest cause for peace on earth, drastically repairing our reputation and reducing the current rise of anti-American terrorist groups.

The $2 trillion dollar cost of war is a corporate boondoggle lining the pockets of the military/industrial complex while draining our economy of funding for human and environmental needs. It is past time for Sens. Cramer and Hoeven and other members of Congress to introduce and adopt legislation which uses such positive approaches to the solution of our immigration and refugee settlement problems.

Monroe Pederson lives in Hatton, N.D.

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