There is a phrase from the infamous 1919 Black Sox baseball scandal "...Say it ain't so, Joe."

Well, today, we received an official mailing from the IRS in Austin, Texas, which when opened provided a letter with the masthead of "The White House."

The full page letter was signed by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and proceeded to inform me that basically only because of his efforts did we receive a stimulus payment from the American Rescue Plan.

We were fortunate enough to receive a similar payment from a similar stimulus effort while President Trump was in office.

Most Americans will remember the furor raised because President Trump had his name imprinted on the payments made by check and how the Democrats went ballistic over him having his name printed on the check.

Now today I get a first class mailing (postage & fees paid-Internal Revenue Service) from Austin, Texas, containing a letter claiming to be on White House paper signed by the current president. And, just to be sure in case I can't read English, the letter is reprinted in Spanish on the other side!

Quite frankly, I am beginning to think the whole darn bunch (both parties) Congress, president and lobbyists that occupy the slime of Washington, D.C., should be flushed down the Potomac.

So, "....say it ain't so, Joe."

Mike Connor lives in Devils Lake, N.D.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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