It appears some clarification may be in order regarding Ross Nelson's column about George Floyd's death. Nelson makes the inaccurate assertion that Derek Chauvin "knelt mostly on his (Floyd's) shoulder and back for nine and a half minutes." Video and eyewitnesses provide incontrovertible evidence refuting Nelson's depiction. Chauvin's knee on Floyd's neck for most of nine and a half minutes was the cause of his death.

Nelson also claims Floyd's "blood oxygen saturation level taken at the hospital was a normal 98%." Paramedic Derek Smith testified when he first felt Floyd's neck for a pulse while police officers were still on top of him, he could not find one. Smith said paramedics used a device to administer chest compressions and a defibrillator to provide an electric shock, but nothing worked. And when Smith placed pads on Floyd's body to monitor his heart, the monitor showed a "flatline," meaning his heart had stopped. Smith said Floyd's condition had not changed by the time they reached the hospital.

The emergency room doctor at Hennepin County Medical Center, Dr. Bradford Langenfeld, tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Floyd, but he said Floyd's heart had stopped by the time he arrived at the hospital. When the heart stops, oxygen no longer flows throughout the body. So, 98% oxygen saturation level at the hospital?

The above details will provide Forum readers an opportunity to determine if there is bias in Nelson's op-ed as well as the veracity of his op-ed.

David Wells lives in Fargo.

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