Bison Nation is incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful and dedicated professionals covering our favorite team. Going back more than 50 years, North Dakota State University athletics has had TV, radio, print, and now digital, coverage that rivals that of any school in the country.


Over the last decade the team at North Dakota NBC/KVLY has taken coverage of Bison athletics to incredible levels. There used to be a day when we would be able to watch our favorite team on TV once a year. Now regardless of where we are across the globe, we can watch every game live and in HD. Families and friends have gathered around the TV on Saturdays to the voices of Brian Shawn, Lee Timmerman, Beth Hoole and Ryan Gellner. A huge thank you to these folks, and the production and technical teams they work with, for the countless hours they spent covering the Bison.

And as the torch is passed, a big congratulations to the team at Forum Communications on being named the new home of the Herd. Dom (Izzo), Jeff (Kolpack), Mike (McFeely), and Eric (Peterson) have been on this journey with Bison fans over the past decade as we’ve tuned in and appreciated their outstanding coverage as well.

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When fall and winter come around and we’re ready to watch the Bison, let’s be mindful and appreciative for the efforts of the wonderful organizations in Fargo and all of North Dakota who cover our favorite team. Go Bison!

Justin Swanson lives in Fargo.