I believe the letter, “Enough of the ‘both sides’ treatment,” by Stash Hempeck deserves comment so that "both sides" of the election fraud issue is argued from “both sides.” Hempeck says the “big lie and voter integrity” opinion by Scott Hoaby is idiotic since “experts in various fields” have debunked all claims that the 2020 election was stolen. Since Hempeck is big on history and facts, who are these experts who have verified the last election was not stolen? Just because the evidence was rejected by judges on procedural grounds, i.e. did not have standing, does not mean the claims were debunked. There has never been a review of any evidence by a court of law at any time.

I wonder how Hempeck would opine on the unreported “both sides” of the Russian collusion hoax that dominated President Trump’s first three years in office. Didn’t this bogus claim fall “way short of both truth and reality”? We all know that “everyone with half a brain” knew it was nonsense because there never was any evidence of collusion. Even the media failed to find any evidence of collusion. The Trump collusion fiasco cost taxpayers nearly $32 million.


The issue of election fraud is much more credible as many government officials, politicians and even the media agree that there were voter irregularities during the 2020 election. They say the fraud was minimal, however, and would not change the results of the election. How do these people know there wasn’t enough fraud to change the election? Did they investigate to see? And secondly, shouldn’t even minimal election fraud be probed to find out the extent of it and to make sure it doesn’t affect future elections? I think many Americans would like to know. Our vote is the only voice we have in choosing our leaders and the direction of our country.

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Claiming that the 2020 election was stolen is not “idiotic” as Hempeck would like us to believe. In fact, “widespread” cheating was not even necessary. All that is needed is to cheat in six cities: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Detroit. These are anchor cities in battleground states. Flipping these cities is enough to flip the Electoral College and the election. There is evidence of vote flipping, suspicious videos in counting rooms and hundreds of affidavits of election irregularities in those six counties. And there were concerns about the security of voting software systems. In my view, this could very likely be a monumental election scandal. At the very least, shouldn’t these 2020 election ‘irregularities’ be given the same level of scrutiny as did the Mueller probe?

Election fraud deserves attention - more than the unsubstantiated Russian collusion ever did after the 2016 election. Why is it so toxic to question election fraud in 2020? Why is investigating 2020 election fraud so “idiotic” since all these experts found no evidence of scandal? We let you have your day in court, now let us have ours. That’s the kind of “both sides treatment” I hope someday gets decided by an impartial Supreme Court. Then we all can be reassured that your vote and my vote counts.

Ken Sims lives in Moorhead.

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