I am pretty sure the problem is not rooted in the pandemic of COVID-19, but rather in the pandemic of the lack of discipline and accountability that has existed and been growing rapidly in U.S. homes for many years.


Teachers and school administrators have been telling us of the resulting bad behavior but we haven’t been hearing them or, more likely, have denied that “my child” could/would ever do anything terrible in school. Because of the fear of hurting little Johnny's or little Suzie’s self esteem or, heaven forbid, hurting their bottom by spanking it, we have raised at least two, maybe three generations now who believe the world revolves around them and that same world “owes” them.

The problems detailed in the teacher’s email will begin to get better when more parents begin to actually parent rather than just giving their children a house to live in and food to eat.

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Maurice Brandt lives in Fargo.