When are you going to tire of Tony Binder's (dang autocorrect) cynicism-style writing posture? He belongs on a liberal college campus as a permanent visiting professor, not on the pages of a highly intelligent newspaper. He seems to be entertaining an audience of one in his bathroom, with his attempt at Don Rickles-style humor.

His comparison of Gov. Noem to Stevie Wonder borders on racism, and may be very concerning for many liberals, of which he appears to be. And, his description of Darlington race fans might leave him with less teeth than the audience he describes, should he ever have the need to attend one of the most highly-attended sports in America.

He throws around the word "racism" like it's a part of everyday community demeanor. I must, conservatively, disagree on that point. There's a reason he lives out in the middle of McIntosh county, apparently. His sarcastic approach to humor does not cut the cheese (mustard, dang autocorrect) to quote a famous German-Russian humorist. To quote this disdainfully liberal ambassador, I have "objective disdain" for his subjective knowledge and writing style, on most everything he regurgitates.

Todd Gross lives in Fargo.

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