Mike Hulett in a recent column regarding our southern border, says we have to rein in Biden’s “Marxist mayhem or our Constitutional Republic will cease to exist.” Hulett and an unbelievable number of Republicans are still banging the drum on the discredited belief of a stolen election. Republicans and many Democrats in Congress are not working to resolve a major issue driving refugee migration – climate change.

A vast majority of refugees would like to live in their home country. But climate-related issues are forcing migrations all over the world due to drought and flooding. Military leaders see climate issues in the southern hemisphere to be an ever-increasing cause of world population movement and tension.

The military sees the issue. The conservative insurance industry sees the issue of climate-caused disasters. Science experts see the issue. The rest of the world is coming to believe. Greed and ignorance will be the real cause of our republic’s downfall. The clock is ticking.

Gary Larson lives in Fargo.

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