In a calendar year where getting outside and feeling free is one of the only breaks from politics and COVID, it’s disappointing to hear the Moorhead Park Board has allowed a couple of people and their griping ruin a great opportunity for many to enjoy a new challenge.

I’m 54 years old and have recently begun playing disc golf for the first time in over 30 years. I have forgotten how fun and challenging the sport can be and it’s given me something to do that’s active and outdoors. To shut down the added 13 holes at Woodlawn Park due to a complaint regarding rudeness or flying discs “all over” is unfortunate and has eliminated a course that could have competed with the Iwen course in south Fargo for difficulty and beauty.

The reason is what I struggle with…. I play at about seven different courses a in a months’ time in Detroit Lakes, Moorhead, Fargo, Grand Forks, Grafton, and Aberdeen, S.D. Every single one of them is connected to a park in some way and the golfers and park dwellers, picnic people, joggers, and dog walkers seem to be able to coexist just fine….. as apparently they have at Woodlawn since 1998 when the course was originally put in.

There will always be a couple of morons on both sides, but why let those exceptions ruin it for the rest of us? If I complain about the dog poop in the park because one or two people don’t bring plastic bags, will the park board ban dogs? I’ve almost been run over by a bicyclist once, should I complain and say it happens all the time and get bikes banned from the paths in the park?

Please reconsider and allow the creativity and expansion of the course continue so those of us that want a challenge can enjoy a course close to home. There’s an inherent risk in just going outside your own home…. Why are we letting a couple individuals--be it rude disc golfers or someone that maybe doesn’t pay attention--ruin it for everyone else? For the rest of us that respect each other and aren’t on a crusade to shut the other side down, let's speak up, get along and enjoy the outdoors!

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Ed Masseth lives in Moorhead

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.