First let me say that I am not related to, nor do I even know Rebecca Knutson, but I commend her and the others on the Fargo School Board for the job they are doing in these difficult times and in dealing with difficult people.

It is tiresome listening to the "poor me" drivel that Benson and those like her often use to claim that their Constitutional rights are being infringed upon by being asked to accept some responsibility as a citizen of their community and of their country. Leave that responsibility stuff to others like doctors and nurses and front line workers and all the rest of us that did our part as good citizens.

During her hissy fit at the recent board meeting she asked, "When does it end?" Well duh, Homer Simpson, it ends when the virus stops killing people. Her enemy is not the board but the virus and all its variants. I acknowledge that many mandates have been relaxed but when you serve on a board or committee or whatever, you accept whatever rules are in place. Benson should step down and let someone better take her place.

To all you parents who have been whining about your children having to wear a mask until the end of the school year, have you thought about the parents who actually care enough about their children to want to protect them as much as possible? And if you mistakenly think that masks have not helped in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, just look at the huge reduction in influenza cases between 2019 and 2020. That alone was worth any inconvenience suffered by those who are so delicate that wearing a mask was difficult.

Milan Knutson is a resident of Fargo.

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