An opinion piece published on June 7th asserted that the recall parents have initiated to remove four Fargo School Board members is an example of “cancel culture.” According to Mike McFeely, “as much as conservatives bellow about hating ‘cancel culture,’ it would appear they have no problem deploying it when it suits their whims.”

As a former American government teacher, I am slightly embarrassed by the apparent lack of understanding about what a recall is and even more surprised that the writer has less concern about “cancel culture” than a recall petition. After all, both the freedom to petition government for change without reprisal and the freedom to speak freely without being cancelled are rooted in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The freedom of petition is what gives citizens the right to make requests to the government which includes initiating ballot measures and recalls of public officials. These parents are doing just that. Since when did advocating for parental rights or exercising basic Constitutional freedoms make anyone a “right-winger” or “kook” as McFeely writes?

Kacie Schulz lives in Oxbow, N.D.

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