The duplicity and hypocrisy of Scott Hennen is an insult to The Forum. Apparently whomever decided to feature him on the opinion page never listened to his radio show.

Hennen has the most right wing biased program filled with lies, conspiracy theories, and provocative nonsense that could be packed into a radio show. I can personally recall trying to have an open air discussion with this man who proclaims he is for free speech and the exchange of ideas. On numerous occasions his answer to facts is " We have to go to break now" or he simply hangs up with anyone who does not promote the party line.

Many times I have suggested to Hennen that he should have a liberal to counterbalance his bias. Hennen will give endless air time to any right wing supporter, but try to present the other side and the line goes dead.

For Hennen to pretend like he promotes calm free expression is the ultimate nonsense. Tune in to KFYR radio and let your ears ring from his promotion of Trump and his lies. Decide for yourself if you would trust this man to promote the truth.

Mike Quinn lives in Bismarck.

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