These days, a lot of letters to the editor are about critical race theory and the school board recall.

These are just a ruse and tricks employed by the people who want to gain power quickly without actually doing something useful or valuable to the public. In short, there are no real critical race theory issues in our country. It is simply a "get rich quick" scheme for wannabe politician activists and also a 2022 midterm election strategy.

Just like Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy said during an internal party meeting, "I want 18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done." He wants Republicans to swoop in to take the lead on such issues just right before the midterm election. Creating problems and chaos just to fix them for election purposes is the most corrupt act one could ever think of.

All this nonsense will not benefit North Dakotans. It will neither benefit parents nor students. White or Black, everybody will lose if we continue on this nonsense. All patriots and country loving men and women should reject school board recall elections and any kind of critical race theory nonsense, either from the left or right wing side.

Shane Hessee is a resident of Fargo, N.D.

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