As most of us have noticed, gun violence in the country, and Fargo, has increased astronomically in the last few years. I will make no mention of the culprits nationality, nor skin color, as that is irrelevant with violence. I have an easy recipe for correcting this idiocy, which our Congress and judicial system don’t seem to want to tackle, head on.

Why would Legislatures’ take on punishment levels, thus forcing judges to have limits of punishment, according to the level of the crime committed? That alone is insane. If I were given the judgmental “big stick” for awhile, I would fix it simply like this: If you use a gun to commit a crime, 10 years of prison time is added to your sentence. If murder is committed at the same time, simply add on 20 years of incarceration.

I don’t care about crowded prison conditions. Build them bigger. It would add jobs to our economy. If you don’t like the conditions of the prisons, don’t do the crimes.

If any parolee commits a crime during his/her probationary time, they are immediately returned to prison, not to await a hearing. Which brings up another point: Why does it take defense lawyers years to ready their client for trial? Derek Chauvin was tried for a very public murder in one year. Fargo has cases on the books that take two, or more years to reach trial. Crazy.

A recent quote from a very popular national sheriff, the problem with the judicial system is that violent criminals don’t get judged, and imprisoned quickly, which allows for lackadaisical judgments and too many plea bargains. One of the best old sayings is, “if you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime”! Arrest them, try them, get them off the docks, and let's move on.

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The “Bad Guys” will know shortly that if they use a weapon to commit a crime they are looking at mandatory prison time extensions. Gun laws and liberal judgements for criminals are not working, people. And, I am sick and tired of gun violence. Too many innocent people are dying, with no consequences, it seems.

Todd Gross lives in Fargo.

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