I have decided to take the unusual step of confronting friends I suspect may support the Republican Party or Donald Trump. Our country has reached a critical point in history where we are on the verge of losing the democracy so many people fought for and died for.

If you support Trump in any manner shape or form you are drunk on fantasy, lies, and corruption. I consider you a friend, but I feel obligated to help you become sober. I do this for a selfish reason. I love my children, and grandchildren. Their families mean a lot to me and I cannot stand by and watch our country fall apart.

I am begging you to become informed. By informed I mean breaking out of the Fox News, right wing bubble and reading factual, well-written material by qualified journalist, and scientists. Believing the lies and deceit of the Republican Party may bring you some sort of inner satisfaction, but just like alcohol it is temporary and false. You must act. You must contact the Republican Party as a member or believer, and let them know you are not going to allow our country to fall into the trap Donald Trump has laid.

I am not going to abandon my friends, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, but if any friend had a problem I feel as a friend I should do what I can to help them. We all have a lot to lose if our country falls into the chaos and corruption of a third world dictatorship. I never thought this could happen in our country, but the influence of the mad man who was president has changed my view.

I hope you will heed what I have written and I will never have to be in the position of saying I told you so. Your decision to ignore reality will be the worst decision of your life.

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Mike Quinn lives in Bismarck.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.