I needed to respond to an opinion piece written by Jack Zaleski Jul. 17, 2021, which contain false statements about President Trump being anti-vaxxer.

Trump’s words misstated to claim that he was anti-vacciner. Remember, please, that Trump was the one who pushed aside regulations and freed up money so that there was a vaccine within less than a year of COVID’s appearance in America. It was also Trump who began the vaccine program with assistance from the military, which is very good at processing vast numbers of people.

Before Biden secured the White House, the Democrats were aggressively challenging the vaccine, with Kamala Harris famously saying that she wouldn’t take the vaccine if Trump “tells us that we should take it.” Same vaccine, different president, and Kamala’s in love with it again (but still wouldn’t abandon her mask for months).

After entering the White House, the Bidenites insisted that vaccinated people continue to wear masks. This was a very peculiar stance to take for vaccines that allegedly work. People quite rightly assumed that they were being stuck with an agent that was not only experimental but also ineffective. Biden’s obsessive mask-wearing only drove that message home harder. Fauci, of course, was all over the place – and his reputation for probity and intelligence took a hit when it turned out that, not only had he lied about COVID’s origin, but he’d also helped fund that origin using taxpayer dollars.

Rory Martin lives in Fargo.

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