Customs & Border Protection reports almost 190,000 illegals were apprehended crossing the southern border in June 2021 and project 1 million year to date in 2021. These figures do not reflect illegals who were not apprehended and are now safely "underground" in our country!

For the past weeks national media (ABC, CBS, NBC) have all ignored this information, instead concentrating on billionaires injecting themselves into space and other "news flashes."

One should wonder (whether you are Democrat, Independent or Republican) who is sitting at the media controls and decides what is 'news'? It is very apparent that someone has decided any mention of the number of illegals crossing into our country is something that should not be shared with the masses.

Some of us remember when George Orwell's "1984" and "Big Brother" were considered science fiction. It is now 2021 and as the old commercial (no offense to the PC Police) touted "you've come a long ways baby!" Me thinks fiction may have become reality.

Mike Connor lives in Devils Lake, N.D.

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