“You don’t have a right to put the rest of the population in danger.” This statement was recently issued by UND Law Professor Paul Traynor while referencing previous court rulings regarding mandatory vaccines. This sort of rhetoric is commonplace in politics, but one would hope that a professor, especially a law professor, could refrain from such strawman tactics.

It’s quite a curious phenomenon that the left is driving these policies, too. It’s as if they’ve decided to become corporate shills to “for-profit” health care and have abandoned their fundamental role as guardians of society’s oppressed minorities; a complete reversal of leftist doctrine. For instance, in 2020, Big Pharma lobbyists spent more than all other industries, doubling the amount spent by the second-leading industry. It should also be no surprise that Biden received the overwhelming majority of Big Pharma contributions during the 2020 election. Moreover, the history of this industry’s methods and their abuse of society’s disregarded minorities is a horror story that alone should cause us to be skeptical of their motives.

I’m not sure what possessed the left to degrade themselves in this manner, but the opponents of mandated vaccines are attempting to fight what the left has ceded. The opposition is rooted in the knowledge of what these sorts of policies lead to. If we allow the state in times of crisis, whether real or imagined, to mandate medical treatments “for the common good,” then we consequently surrender our body to the whims of political power. Today it’s a vaccine for a virus; God only knows what it will be tomorrow.

Tanner Cook lives in Fargo.

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