People that refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine have many reasons for not getting the shot, but chief among them is the lack of trust in the government. The spread of misinformation about the benefits of the vaccine on the internet is astronomical.

With the present animosity between the political parties it is no wonder that there is a lack of trust in the vaccination by the people that are opposed to the current president. But here is something to consider. All 50 governors, all former presidents and President Biden have gotten the shot. President Trump started "Operation Warp Speed" to develop the vaccine and the vaccine has been widely available to the people in The United States.

Thomas Paine called the Americans that supported the American Revolution during good times but shrank from their duties during rough times "Sunshine Patriots." Today many unscrupulous politicians pander to "Sunshine Patriots" saying that it is their right to refuse to wear masks when asked to do so, and to refuse to be vaccinated altogether.

To protect our children that are too young to get vaccinated, to build up herd immunity to protect us all, and to protect our health care workers, get the shot and wear a mask when asked to do so. I find it rather ironic that the same people that refuse to get the scientifically developed vaccination are the same people that flock to our hospitals by the thousands to have the health care workers save their lives. Don't be a "Sunshine Patriot." Get the shot.

Mark Kummer lives in Fargo.

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