What is wrong with the media? It seems that sensationalism and misconstruing and twisting facts to make the reader/listener interpret the story in error is way too common.

The latest story twisted to ire the people is if the state trooper who near Bismarck had to take a life. No law enforcement person would willingly take a life without much thought and only when thinking his life or the life of someone else was in danger. We don’t know the circumstances of this action.

These representatives of the law go through rigorous training and know when to use deadly force when warranted. No law enforcement officer wants to take a life. It happens only when all other options are exhausted. Some of the media’s quotes misconstrue the facts to make the story more sensational.

The media reported that the officer was put on leave, stirring the public to think he had done something wrong. He had done nothing wrong. Putting an officer on administrative leave is standard procedure in an instance such as this until the action is thoroughly reviewed by his peers. Don’t judge until you know. And to the media, add all known facts and tell it like it is, not just the way you want it to sound.

I support the men in blue. They are there to serve and protect you.

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Doug Buehre lives in West Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.