In my nearly 40 years working in local politics on both sides of the Red River, I truly admired the dedication of poll workers, judges and election officials. They came from different political persuasions, but they all believed deeply in our voting system, had great respect for it, and wanted it to work.

Most were veterans of numerous elections and would not be easily fooled. At some point these folks all learned a critical lesson: that "you win some and you lose some." And that is perfectly OK--polish up your candidate and message and come back in a couple of years. It will be another free election and a marvelous opportunity for the people themselves to pick the winner, not the candidate or his/her supporters.

Notably, after accusations of stolen votes and reports of foreign interference in 2016 , election officials were forewarned and had plenty of time to take extra precautions in 2020, producing what was called by many the most secure election in U.S. history.

Unfortunately, there are dissenters who show absolutely no respect for those with whom they disagree and who seek to smear and discredit this free election system. Likewise, red state legislatures are working like the devil to alter voting laws and revise districts to assure that they will win future elections long before they are even held. On the other side, the 81 million citizens who voted to "dump Trump" are still around and will happily do it again---if they are allowed to vote.

Other sore losers continue to trash and try to nullify the 2020 election results. If they prevail, they may very well destroy people's faith in their elective process, possibly throwing the nation into some form of oligarchy where elections are meaningless and opposition candidates, leaders and journalists are exiled, jailed or worse. In their blind self-indulgence these heretics would accomplish nothing more than reverting this wonderful nation into a DINO, a democracy in name only.

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Dudley Wells lives in Twin Valley, Minn.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.