As someone who has personally gathered signatures as a qualified elector for multiple ballot measures both successful and not, I'm left scratching my head how on earth the Fargo School Board Recall group could have turned in thousands of invalid signatures. Not just a few modest human errors, but piles of invalid packets. The laws are simple and very clear. They're easy to follow.


The recall effort turned in notary errors? Signatures from out of the city and even out of state?! Some packets were missing crucial information that should have been given people signing. That people had the right to know before signing, in fact. That's incredible. Any competent campaign manager would have screened for that. I'm left with a question: Are Allie Ollenburger and her friends incompetent or did they try to defraud the public?

There ought to be a criminal investigation.

Zac Echola, Fargo, is a former member of The Forum's Readers Board.

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