Joining the political arena was possibly the most scariest thing I have ever done. I had always been a observer until Jan. 6. My life changed that day and so did many things in my life.

When entering politics, I myself had a golden view of myself. I was new, and I was more behaved that those we see in the news locally and nationally. I was different, needed to be different, needed to right the ship.


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Then, as time drew on and so did the summer, I will admit I fell off my foundation. I became more reckless and brash with my words, especially on the POV by Chris Berg Facebook page. It's a horribly biased media source; and instead of being who I wanted to be, I stooped to a lesser version.

As teachers we are taught we need to have a growth mindset and that's what I have done. I welcome all those who would like to make judgments about me, to view my Facebook page or website. As a philosophy I don't block people or delete comment so the public can view me for who I am, an imperfect human.

I am around, so please feel free to reach out. I'll conclude with I'm sorry, Fargo, you deserve better and I'll grow to be that better candidate. Let's talk again soon.

Branden Krieger lives in Fargo.

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