Sad to read about Scott Hennen’s ordeal in California

I read Scott’s column in Saturday's paper and I just want to reach out to him to say that he was a teal trooper to put up with the personal indignities he endured during his recent trip to San Francisco. Hard to imagine being somewhere where they are being aggressive in trying to end the spread of COVID. I hope his experiences don’t lead to PTSD. Scott is such a sensitive, caring guy.

I remember many years ago when we had a controversy about ending smoking in public places and Scott spoke out about losing our freedom. He challenged the idea that there was a link between second hand smoke and lung cancer. That is based on junk science, he said. As it turned out, it was based on real science and smoking ended in public places. But we need to give Scott credit for trying to keep a bad thing going. As a non-smoker, I miss walking into a bar or restaurant and getting hit with that refreshing haze of tobacco smoke. I am sure others also long for the time when an evening out meant watery eyes and coming home with a cough and smelling like the bottom of an ashtray. Ah, nostalgia!


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Scott is still speaking out about freedom versus public health. Especially that most treasured freedom of all, which of course, is freedom from responsibility. The idea that we might be required, or even asked, to do something for the benefit of others just goes against our religious beliefs. Some say God told us to love our neighbors as our selves. Where is that coming from? Certainly not our current definition of freedom. So Scott, keep up the good work. Those of us who have trouble every morning getting our shoes on our correct feet are relying on you. Don’t let us down!.

Milan Knutson lives in Fargo.

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