First, I want to briefly apologize to Tony Gehrig for my letter this year against his blocking policy. I feel he blocks some people unethically, but recently I have found there is a place to block fake accounts, especially those made as weapons.

Second, I have been under fire by several fake accounts that I let run free on my pages posting whatever they want. I ignored them because I was determined to not block anyone. Eventually, they turned and started to harass my supporters and family. It hurt me more than the attacks against myself. To my supporters hurt by these individuals, I am sorry I didn't do enough to protect you and I have started blocking suspected fake accounts, which goes against my word when I started to run for city commissioner.


Lastly, in the past I have defended Facebook's code of conduct because I felt it protected actual people. I found that to be false. Facebook's algorithm does not understand context and fake accounts have found ways around these rules. Social media could be something beautiful, but instead it's used as weapon for those who want to hurt others.

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Do I blame Gehrig for blocking people, absolutely. Do I blame him for blocking people who want to hurt him or his family, no. So what are the boundaries that define contentious debate versus attacker? That, I don't think Gehrig or I have an answer to yet.

Branden Krieger is running for Fargo City Commission.

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