Its not rocket science, it's just a pool. The Fargo Park Board can't decide what to do? Perhaps we should recall them? Just kidding, Mike McFeely.


I've been swimming there a couple of dozen times a summer for the last 15 years and the current pool design is solid. It just needs a bit of updating. Using the same footprint as before is a solid design decision.

First, fire the consultant. They are pushing their "water park" design left over from the last city they worked with since they have an extra copy of the blueprints. The Island Park neighbors clearly don't want a water park in their neighborhood.

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The solution is really simple. Just use a little common sense.

1) Talk with the Gators/Marlins and make sure they have a $50M pool they can hold competitions in that is deep enough to have diving starts. Go over to Hulbert Aquatic center with your camera if you need design pics.

2) Then talk with the folks at the Academy for Children or any of the other daycare centers that drop by most afternoons with 30 pre-kindergardners so the young kids have a nice shallow place to splash around.

3) Then implode the dressings rooms and put something reasonable back in the same footprint. If you really want to get wild and crazy, add in a hot-tub. The non-swimmers might like to sit in it.

Sorry Joe B. - this doesn't include a ski chalet - a cross country ski loop around the tennis courts wasn't one of your better ideas.

Robert Goren lives in Fargo.

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