Vaccine mandates are in vogue. Since President Biden issued his executive order mandating vaccinations for a large percentage of American employees, most large corporations and health care providers have jumped on board with their own mandates.

Almost none of these mandates takes into account natural immunity, which is the immunity gained by having contracted and recovered from the virus.

Science says that immunity gained from having contracted a disease is strong and usually lasts a long time, if not a lifetime. Immunity gained from having contracted a disease is what most vaccines are based on. You're inoculated with a dead or a weakened disease pathogen and your body builds a natural immunity to that disease.

Why don't science-based companies such as Sanford and Essentia allow for proof of natural immunity when it comes to the vaccine mandates? If you've been vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine, you can still catch and spread the virus. If you have natural immunity, the odds are high that you won't catch the virus again, not even some variant which the mRNA vaccines might not cover.


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These companies will soon be mandating a third shot because the vaccine seems to wane in about five to seven months. Down the road, there will be new vaccines based on different variants of COVID, which will also be mandated.

I've heard people say that they just want to be done with this virus so they can go back to normal. The fact is, the old normal is dead, a casualty of the COVID pandemic hoax. The new normal is constant vaccinations with vaccine passports and much diminished freedom. Let's hope that it's no worse than that.

Austin Culp lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.