A fellow Forum reader recently asserted that my most recent letter had many errors, inaccurate statements, and misleading statements. He does not attempt to disprove any of my assertions. In a what has become the Republican “go to,” he throws out "alternative facts” otherwise known as lies. Oh, look over here another shiny object.


I don’t have time to refute all of his claims, nor is that my goal. I will call out a couple that are very easy for any reader to verify. No Americans have been put on the domestic terror list. There is no list of domestic terrorists. At the very least, many of those attending school board meetings should be required to attend etiquette classes. There is video of many parents screaming and threatening school members. Fists fly among parents at school board meetings. An intelligent person is usually able to express their opinions without, putting it kindly, being uncouth. Or to put it bluntly, acting like a someone who appears to have lost any grip on reality. The Hyde Amendment has not ended. The spending bill that passed the House includes it.

He then asserts that it would more irresponsible to get $0.37 than $3.75 from Washington for every dollar North Dakota sends. But it is someone responsible to get $3.75 for every dollar and then vote to default on the debt it creates. They voted for the spending but don’t want to pay the bill. This is the hypocrisy in delegation that called out in my letter. They voted for much of our current debt. Defaulting on our debt would be irresponsible. If every state got $0.37 for dollar sent to Washington, we could off our national debt and then lower federal taxes. You know, the smaller government that the GOP claims to embrace.

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I didn’t mention New Mexico because it is irrelevant to the hypocrisy I called out. All but one member of their delegation voted to pay our bills. Also, I don’t live there.

Mark Twain was a gifted author and humorist, but he was just that, a humorist. His statements are just that, humor. His quote should not be used to try to weaken an opinion which is backed up by numbers that Mr. Noah, himself, uses in attempt to rationalize a national default. A national default which would end the federal dollars coming into North Dakota. A bit more hypocrisy because Noah appears to be in favor of the federal dollars coming into North Dakota, but then has no issue with them ending if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

In the spirit of my fellow reader, I’m going to throw out some red herrings to end. It’s not relevant to my opinion, but your guy attempted a coup. His supporters vandalized our Capitol and spread their own excrement at that Capitol. Is this a group you want to belong to? They actually spread their own excrement while assaulting police officers. Trump called them to Washington and sent them to literally spread their feces. What a great moment in Republican history.

Colleen Whalen lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.