Shaina Eagleson’s letter to the editor printed in October 13, 2021 edition, “Data show West Fargo Schools’ COVID mitigation guideline are not working,” states as a solution, “Reinstate a mandatory masking-policy for WFPS students, teachers, and staff.” I am not convinced that masking is a solution in the way it is being implemented. Currently Fargo has a mandatory masking policy. West Fargo has a recommended masking policy until a certain threshold is reached. West Fargo School District’s student active positive case percentage from their Oct. 12th report is .44%. Compare West Fargo’s with Fargo’s most recent report of Oct. 8. West Fargo’s Elementary is .42% compared to Fargo’s Elementary’s 1.13%. West Fargo’s Middle School is .47% and Fargo’s Middle School is 1.03%. West Fargo’s High School is at .46% and Fargo is .74%. In each case Fargo has a higher percentage. Fargo’s mask policy isn’t working. Why should we go down their road when Fargo isn’t getting better results?


My question would be for educators in West Fargo and Fargo, what is Moorhead doing different? According to Moorhead’s Oct. 7th report, they are at .43%. If they aren’t doing anything different than Fargo, then why the different numbers? Statisticians should help us. Sometimes how things are reported makes a difference. However, before we inflict masking mandates on our children, let’s find out what works and what is best for the children. We don’t have to repeat the stringent policies of last year without good reason.

Besides, West Fargo adults, you still have a choice to mask or not mask, and parents up to a point still have mostly the same choice. You don’t need a mandate to do what is best for yourself and your children according to your conscience.

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Rev. Clark H. Jahnke is senior pastor of St. Andrew Lutheran Church in West Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.