In her recent column, Roxane Salonen references a 1966 cover article in Time magazine which asked the question “Is God Dead?” Salonen is referring to author Eric Metaxis, who wrote, “If you discern the times, we are in a war, a spiritual war, a war for the soul of the West.”

The way America is headed, I think Metaxis may be right. He said there is so much evidence for God. Most Americans believe God exists and is real.

Our Founding Fathers believed this too. When they wrote the Declaration of Independence, they acknowledged “Nature’s God” and the “Creator”. The founders wisely determined that religious principles form our moral disciplines and our values.

They also knew that America was founded to be free, a freedom only God can provide. It is this same belief in God that blessed us as the freest country in the world today. God is not only the source of our freedom and liberty, God is the source of goodness and truth.

Since God is real, so is Satan, or good and evil. Satan wants to devour our freedom. I believe he deceived our Supreme Court to rule that the founders intended that there must be a “wall of separation" between church and state in our laws.

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To Satan’s delight, our politicians have worked diligently to make sure we keep God and the religious values our founders cherished and fought for out of government and all public places. I believe this was the beginning of our current spiritual war.

The Constitution does not include a "wall of separation" between church and state. The First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. The founders wanted to make sure that a citizen didn’t have to belong to a certain church or religion in order to become a government official or even the president. It was not to protect the government, it was to protect religion from government.

This flawed “wall of separation” ruling to remove God from government and society has led to cultural chaos where truth is relative, right and wrong are ambiguous, killing is legal and evil reigns. It’s no coincidence that as America has become more secular, it has also become less free.

We can still return to common sense and truth, but only by returning to God, the same God our founders recognized acknowledged and believed in. There is only one way we the people can hope to win this spiritual war. We must tear down the wall that separates us from God. It won’t come from Washington. We have to win this war in our communities, our churches and our homes.

Ken Sims is a resident of Moorhead.

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