I feel you have misrepresented everything regarding my Facebook presence in your recent letter to the editor. On my Facebook page, specifically on Oct. 6, I describe in detail everything that you have misconstrued. Feel free to look and ask me questions. I am not against alt accounts, but I am against fake accounts. I have archived my other account and it’s still there because I want to keep it transparent for those out there to see. Being transparent is key to running for office and that is what I always have maintained.

I strive to be honorable in my words and what I say. I feel many who support me would agree as well. Since your last posting I have not broken my word or my honor. Am I inexperienced? Absolutely. I have never run for office before. I honestly never made a fuss on any platform before this. I am inexperienced, overly trusting and childish at times. I also like to think I am kind, honest and hold a high sense of moral and ethical value. I feel anyone can learn anything, but character is what defines us. That is why I am running for City Commissioner.

I would love to talk to you about any concerns you have with me. My email is bkrieger2022@gmail.com.


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Branden Krieger

Branden Krieger is a resident of Fargo and is running for the Fargo City Commission.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.