Gov. Doug Burgum and the rest of the North Dakota Republican Party have now made an official declaration of joining the conservative lunacy related to the topic of critical race theory.

One would think Burgum would know better, and I would suggest he does, which would make his decision to sign the bill a crass and craven political one of picking his battles. In this case, he chose not to engage in a fight he would in all likelihood loose, even though opposing such conservative nonsense would be the moral high ground.

Anyone with even a partial brain who would choose to research the topic knows that critical race theory, as defined by its originators, is in essence theoretical discussions conducted at the graduate level. Those discussions examine past and current aspects of America’s troubled racial history and how to approach, on a theoretical level, dealing with that reality.

Thus, any type of examination conducted in either middle or high school related to any aspect of the racial dilemma that that has plagued this nation is not a theoretical one but a historical one. Since conservatives fall all over themselves spouting off about how important it is to teach the truths about US. history, one might think they would be in favor of such a historical approach. They do not, however, and they follow in lock-step all across our nation in opposing such a historical approach.

Imagine the racial history of one’s country being so horrible that one would want to do anything and everything possible to prevent one’s fellow citizens from learning about it.

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Stash Hempeck is a resident in Hendrum, Minn.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.