Many signs indicate our educational system is slipping. Our society has lost the ability to grasp numbers. Large numbers have lost all meaning to the average citizen.

CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft received a $49 million severance payment from Sanford Health system in Fargo. No one noticed this robbery. How much did it cost working people paying for health care to fund this CEO? Someone pointed out you could pay a nurse 980 years for this amount, or you could pay 980 nurses for a year. That is the math our population no longer grasp.

When you get into the billionaire range it gets far worse. Back in the late 1960s a typical CEO made 47 times more than the person working on the assembly line. Now the typical CEO makes 350 times more than the typical employee. Does that CEO work 350 times harder or is he 350 times smarter? Once a number goes above 100 it becomes meaningless.

As a country we are not poor, but we have allowed a small group of people to squander all of our resources. We now live in a country where 400 families have the wealth of the rest of the population. Republican tax breaks have created this situation. We may not be able to do math, but we can carry guns and avoid vaccinations. What a great deal?

Mike Quinn lives in Bismarck.

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