Didn't Ahmaud Arbery have the right to self defense?

Arbery may have been jogging through an all white neighborhood or maybe he was suspected of trespassing on private property; he may have committed a burglary.

But, he'll never tell his side of the story, because he is dead.

As I watched this trial unfold, and Travis McMicheal claims of self-defense in the murder of Arbery, I wondered "What would have been Ahmaud's side of the story?"

What went through his mind as he was faced with three white men in pick-up trucks, armed with guns that night.

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I can only imagine the fear he felt. Did he fear for his life? What self defense did he have on foot, unarmed.

Sixty years ago, Harper Lee wrote a book about Georgia justice, "To Kill A Mocking Bird," and not much has changed.

Catherine Jenson-Chatelain lives in Fargo.

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