President Biden's Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, keeps perpetuating the myth that China represents competition for America, not conflict. Nothing could be further from the truth. China is the bully on the block. Anyone, any country, any business that offends China comes immediately under attack. Look at the NBA, totally beholden to China. Look at companies like Coca Cola and Nike. Tow the line with China or that communist dictatorship will punish you economically or through other harsh measures.

America, and the rest of the world, has given China a free pass on their genocide against Muslim minorities inside of China's borders. China stifles free thought in Hong Kong and Tibet. It lied about the COVID virus, which caused millions of deaths and is still financially crippling America and the rest of the world. Boycotting the Olympics is a small step in getting the message across to China about its horrible policies. But it should be taken.

China is building up militarily and sees the rest of the world, especially America, as a threat to prevent it from gaining total world dominance. No, Ms. Psaki, this is not honest competition as you so foolishly proclaim. It is conflict. Dangerous conflict. The Biden administration is enabling China to push the rest of the world around, economically, politically and especially militarily.

Tom Kovach lives in Nevis, Minn.

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