Letter: Why are we re-electing politicians charged with a crime?

Citizens of North Dakota should be embarrassed by the information in the recent piece “North Dakota voters are very forgiving of politicians who struggle with alcohol” by Rob Port.

For the last 6 months we have heard propaganda from the Anti-Measure 3 partisans that legalizing recreational marijuana would turn North Dakota into the "Wild West" with every pot smoker driving and crashing into churches and children. Meanwhile, there are politicians convicted of alcohol DUIs within the last month that are re-elected by their constituents. And apparently this is a common occurrence in North Dakota.

Where are the leaders of “Healthy and Productive North Dakota Against Measure 3” and “North Dakotans Against the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana” openly campaigning against Walsh County Commissioner Ernest Barta and North Dakota Rep. Craig Headland, R-Montpelier, the politicians mentioned by Port who were convicted of DUIs (with Barta crashing into a telephone pole and driving away) within the last month? Nowhere from what I can tell.

Never mind the fact that the probability of getting into an accident increases by 500 percent with a BAC of 0.08 percent with the probability increasing exponentially with increasing BAC, per The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Its not surprising to hear nothing from these groups, since these are just hack political organizations whose only goal is to spread disinformation to the voters.

And the nerve of whomever decided on the title of the Port column. Nowhere is it mentioned that these politicians are severe alcoholics and “struggle” with their dependence of the drug (because that’s what alcohol is, a drug that many people use recreationally).

If you want to see people struggle in their day to day life due to being an alcoholic or some other addict, take a walk in downtown Fargo and see the homeless try and survive the brutal winter. These politicians made bad, dangerous decisions, and have likely made these very same bad decisions in the past, and were not held accountable by the public. Its unacceptable.