Letter: There are stories about things other than the Bison that deserve coverage

FYI, there is more than one college football team in the area. Enough about the Bison! How about the Dragons going to the Mineral Water Bowl?

Not everyone wants to hear every little tidbit about the Bison. And the front page? Really? There are a lot more important news items than that.

If the Bison are so good, let’s see how they would do in the FBS against Alabama and such. Good luck!

Every year the same thing--Bison. Bison. Bison. Sickening. How about writing some articles on the homeless people in our area and how people can help. You sent three or four sportswriters to last week's Bison game (knowing the outcome) and one to the Dragons game, which actually was a good game and newsworthy. Pathetic.