Letter: Liberals need to get over their Trump obsession

To sum up the results of the 2018 midterm elections requires only two words: "Get Trump."

Health care? Forget it. It will receive only lip service.

The U.S. House (supposedly a legislative body) will almost be solely engaged in a search-and-destroy mission. House committees will continuously be in front of cameras and microphones.

Not since the days of George Orwell's "1984" and Emmanuel Goldstein has there been so much hatred. To so many, "Get Trump" is an all-consuming obsession. To many, he is evil incarnate.

I have personally heard people say Trump should be assassinated. I dare say if that were to happen, there would be high-fives, not only in private, but in public. And some would justify it. "He had it coming. What did he expect?"

President Trump is not a nice person. However, what is it that is lacking in some people's lives to make them hate him so much? Is it a sickness? The loudest voices are those of laughter and anger. Sometimes these voices can be those of a "sick" person, one who is not rational.

I suggest there is more than one "nut" out there.