Letter: I challenge The Forum's sports team to cover something other than Bison football

A couple of days ago, a letter to the editor was published by someone who was fed up with the saturation of Bison football coverage. I could not agree more.

The Bison team plays in a division of NCAA football that is a laughingstock. Few teams have anywhere near the full complement of allowed scholarships, and it shows with the quality of football. Of course, North Dakota State University and the media make each week sound like they will play a fantastic team, only to eventually win by 30 or 40 points.

The sports media in Fargo-Moorhead are like lemming; following each other. Can someone in the sports media actually spend the ambition and imagination to cover other athletes and teams? No one realizes that other than the rabid Bison fans, there are thousands in our market that are sick and tired of the constant, unimaginative coverage. It may take a bit of work to do something other than hang out on the NDSU campus and regurgitate the same old stories, but a good journalist would see the challenge.

The Fargo-Moorhead area has produced many interesting amateur and professional athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, fans, etc. There are plenty of accomplishments and items of interest for the majority of consumers. The Forum cannot even find the energy to list these accomplishments and follow their progress. Instead, The Forum feeds us stale sports stories that it buys from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, etc., as two-day-old news--cheap for The Forum to buy as page-filler.

If one cut out the Bison football stories, the purchased two-day-old article that usually appears, the "scoreboard" and TV listings, there is nothing left in the sports section besides ads.

It would be well-received if someone in the sports media business would actually show some initiative and imagination to stop regurgitating the same old Bison garbage and provide some good journalism.