To begin with, the word illegal means laws are being broken. Immigration is either legal or illegal, and there are some, including politicians, who actually encourage people to break our laws.

We have a rich country with more true freedoms than any other country, therefore you can understand people wanting to live here. I would ask those who support illegal immigration how many should we allow to illegally immigrate here, not knowing where they’re from and who they are. Should it be unlimited? Should it one more million or the 150 million that have indicated in a poll that they would like to come here?

It appears that the majority of supporters of illegal immigrants have no negative effects on themselves. I propose that those who support illegal immigration, especially politicians, names go on a list. The people on the list would have to accept the illegal immigrants into their home and provide for them and assist them in becoming a citizen. They would have to accept a family or three individuals, and if it’s a family, their children would attend your local school. The illegal immigrants would be assigned to a home as they are captured, so you wouldn’t know if they are MS-13 gang members or people of good character.

In the current caravan approaching our country there are approximately 500 with criminal backgrounds. If those who support illegal immigration would not want someone in their home, not knowing their background, why should we, as a country, not want to know who is entering our country?

I also propose that our professional politicians, whose main job is to get re-elected, that don’t vote to fix our problem with illegal immigration, should have a tent city built as close to their home as possible to house the illegal immigrants until they are deported or given asylum. Any children there would attend the local school and the school district would be responsible for any additional expenses.

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One of the reasons given by those supporting illegal immigration is that the illegals are poor and just want to better themselves. Using that logic, we could assume they would be okay if someone who was homeless could illegally enter their home and stay there. Should those poorer than you be able to do anything illegally to better themselves?

If the billionaires that gave hundreds of millions to influence our recent election would use some of that money in cooperation with our government, maybe some of the problems facing these illegal immigrants in their home country could be fixed.