A recent Washington Post story on Inforum told of babies and small children being teargassed at the border by the Trump administration. Since the Washington Post is a fake news and left wing propaganda organization, it didn't mention that the Central American caravans of people who are trying to break into the United States are 90 percent young men.

Instead, fake news portrays the caravans as being full of women and children. The fact that most of the Central American desperadoes who are trying to break into America are young men is ignored by fake news in order to further their anti-American, pro illegal immigration propaganda message.

Fake news doesn't ask what kind of a mother takes her children along as she engages in the criminal act of trying to break into another country. Instead, fake news says she's a hero for bringing her kids along as she breaks the law.

Whether it's Central Americans trying to illegally break into the United States or Palestinian mobs trying to invade Israel, children are usually put at the front of the mob. Mob leaders know that left wing propaganda organs such as the Washington Post or almost every television news organization will concentrate on the children's suffering and blame President Trump or Israel.

Of course, neither America's leftists nor the mob leaders care about the kids who are being put in danger. In their eves, the kids are nothing but props in their fake news show. If they are hurt or killed, it's collateral damage, a small price to pay.

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Illegal immigration is a problem, but the far larger problem is the extreme leftism of the Democrat Party and it's propaganda machine, left wing fake news. Misinformation spews out of fake news like straw and chaff blowing out the back of a combine on a hot day. It sifts down all over, and you can't help but breath some in. We may think we're clean, but we're covered with the chaff of misinformation.

Fake news tells us that America and it's heritage is evil and unjust. On the other hand though, we're told that America is such a wonderful country that everyone in the world should be able to come here, even criminals of every sort. The acquisition of power is the bottom line for leftists all over the world, and Democrats along with their fake news propaganda arms are no different.