I have been following the barrage of right-wing letters to the editor in The Forum since the November election, and they can be summarized as follows: Democrats are evil, Democrats are communists, Democrats hate America, Democrats intentionally want to bring violent criminals into the country for the express purpose of causing harm to our country, liberalism has failed, liberals are obsessed with President Trump, and last but not least, we need to make it much more difficult for people to vote because only Trump-worshipping Republicans know what’s best for America.

All of this is absolute garbage, generated from places like Fox News, right-wing talk radio, Info Wars, and other sources of hate, lies and conspiracy theories that characterize todays Trump-Republican party.

This is also one reason Republicans took a substantial thrashing in the November election nationwide. Democrats won a 40-seat majority in the House of Representatives, their best mid-term victory since the Watergate scandal in 1974. They also flipped a number of governorships and won over 300 state legislative seats nationwide.

Trump said it was a great Republican victory, but that’s just another one of his made up fantasies. The Republican hate, lies and conspiracy theories might be selling well in states like North Dakota, but the rest of America is getting tired of it and the election results prove it.

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