In response to Larry Mayer's letter, "Only a fool thinks we need less morality and more consumption," published Dec. 5:

I wanted to respond to Mayer's need to keep Blue Laws in North Dakota. I guess I fail to understand the correlation between allowing a business to decide when they want to open on a day of the week and some kind of moral corruption.

Fact - we have always had drugs and “sexual issues.” Today, it’s just easier to tell everyone everything in an instant with the internet. I fail to see how having the government control opening times by a few hours in some way impacts that.

If you think it will prevent church-goers from going to church because of the good deal down the street, I guess that’s between that person and their God. There are many churches in the area that offer services multiple days a week.

Do I think our society is too focused on consumerism? Yes. Do I think the government has any business controlling hours of operation? No.

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Reminder - No matter what happens, you can still wait until noon to go to your store of choice no matter what happens. It’s one of the many blessings choice gives.