For over 40 years we have had a subscription to The Forum. It always arrived one day late due to the distance from Fargo and we understand that. However, here is how it arrives now and has for a couple of years:

Last week we got Monday's paper and Tuesday's on Tuesday. No paper on Wednesday. Wednesday's paper came on Thursday, which was OK. Thursday's paper came on Saturday along with Saturday's paper. We don't have the Sunday paper. No paper on Monday, but Tuesday we get the Friday and Tuesday papers. No paper on Wednesday or Thursday, but three of them on Friday. There have been times when one paper never does get here.

The Forum delivers the papers to the Fargo Post Office the same time every morning and our local post office in Bagley delivers everything that comes in on a daily basis. I have contacted the Postal Service, but never get a definitive answer as to why this happens.

I would like to know if this happens to anyone else and what their thoughts might be on the subject.

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