On Nov. 6, voters returned democracy to America by placing the Democratic Party in control of the House of Representatives, ending President Trump’s Republican dictatorial unaccountability and strongman-style. Hmm, doesn’t North Dakota currently have that same type of state government?

I believe we should do the following:

  • Improve Obamacare.

  • Lower prescription drug prices.

  • Curb gun violence.

  • Improve our immigration system. Millions of Americans saw television coverage of a shoeless, diapered child being tear-gassed on the Mexican border, by American authorities, as her family sought legal asylum.

  • Offer a workable approach to climate change.

  • Create legislation, allowing the “Dreamers” to become citizens.

  • Expand voting rights, work for progressive tax reform and end Trump’s toxic tyranny.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer, pleaded guilty to criminally lying to Congress about Trump’s obsessive involvement in building a Trump Tower in Moscow; while bribing Putin with a $50 million penthouse in 2016. Trump has repeatedly lied to the American public; claiming, “I know nothing about Russia…I don’t deal there.

I believe Trump is totally compromised by Russia; is it all about money or something else? Does Putin have the president of the United States in his pocket? And is Putin thereby able, worldwide, to carryout whatever dangerous schemes he wants to accomplish without fear of American retribution?